neither here nor there

It takes time to take a journey. It takes time and effort.

We don’t transition immediately.

I was worrying last night. I do not like to worry. So I walked the dog. If I can’t do anything about my problems, I can at least move.

So me and the dog were walking, and I was considering. There are a lot of things I could be worried and unhappy about. There are also a lot of things I could be very happy and pleased about.

I can pick.

But right then I didn’t feel pleased. I was worried and unhappy. Because anybody at any moment can pick. It is not amazing, or special to be able to pick being happy. phooey on seeing the glass half full. If anybody can do it, why bother?

It felt good to walk though. And I thought about the hard things. And I got a little mad. And I had some conversations with people I couldn’t see.

And I thought some more about the big picture.

In this big world there are places between places. And the between places are places too.

I am in a between. Neither here nor there. Part of the transition to there is under my control. But some is not. And in either case it takes time.

The edge is it’s own place.