because that’s how she sees me

I was getting some help, or to be more precise, getting the runaround from somebody at work. I’ve been working on this runaround for a while.

Early on, a particular woman had helped me. Today, she saw me again and said “You STILL haven’t got that thing you needed yet?”

No. No I haven’t.

And then it became clear that I would need some rubber stamping from some other somebody. An important sombody.

She said to me, “You shouldnt’ have to do that. You don’t really belong here.”


‘You know where I see you? You should be in hollywood”

I do not know where this is comign from.

But then it seemd to make sense. She was saying that I was a creative person. She could jsut tell, from the handful of times we had spoken, that I was an artist.

I think there are people who respond to that, and understand that is who and what I am.

And to be honest. I think pretty much everybody can tell that I don’t belong here.

Here being almost anywhere. THe artist does not belong.

The artist, the creative type, is apart from thing.

Some people admire that.

Some people fear it.

That explains a lot.