What do you do with a beautiful sun?

Driving to San Diego as the sun rose, I was admiring the clouds and the colors they reflected. I had started out in the dark, but I had to stop to try to get the podcast I was listening to loaded onto the pod that had lost signal.

I lost valuable time, but I was back on the road with my entertainment restored.

Then I saw a patch of cloud separate from the other spotty curtain of colorful cloud. This patch was directly over the sun. The cloud and the sun behind it were in front of a gorgeous green hill with rocks dotting it. The freeway wove into these huge hills straight ahead.

But the cloud, covering the sun, had 5 distinct rays of sunlight as a corona above it. It was so beautiful! I stared at it and thought

“I should stop and take a picture.”

but there was no good place to pull over.

And my camera was the one in my phone, which is also not so good.

I felt like I should do something about this gorgeous sight though.

What would I do if I stopped and took a picture? Well, I could share it on facebook. I could store it in dropbox and then hold it in Flickr. I do that all the time, and in fact have several thousand photos on Flickr.

But those are with my good camera, not this crappy one on my phone.

What was I supposed to do about it?

I thought.

I should look at it. I should admire it.

Perhaps I had forgotten that is what one does with a beautiful sun.