so I’ve spent the last four days in bed. I have read a little. I have watched tv a lot.

Havent thought much. Haven’t written much.

Tried to call friends, but it didnt’ take. NObody answered.

So it’s just me. Feeling occasional strange achey pain. Not sleeping well. And worrying.

I would rather be doing things. But, I have to rest. So I worry. A little.

why do I worry? I should not worry. I think when one cannot do, one worries.

No, let me rephrase that: when *I* cannot do, I worry.

i cannot do much right now. So. I worry.

I dont really have anything pressing to worry about. That is a blessing. But it would be better if i had a way of storig (gtd, anyone?) my worrying to-do list for later, a way that I could trust would be there when I had the ability to do.

This is unusual.

there has to be a new roadmap

sure we are in a new era, an era of long long lives.


And we are in an era where strength does not matter as much as it used to. We have machines for almost everything.

So we have to find a new story of what we are good for I talked about equity. Our minds are our biggest asset. What can we do with what we know?

And if we are older we know so much. There is an old tradition of respecting elders. How am I supposed to become a really good elder?

We need a new template for how to do what we do

perhaps I have something to say

I got a lot of good responses to my equity post. Imagine!

Chris said I didn’t realize that I see things differently than other people.

I said I knew I saw things differently. I just didn’t think that other people would find it useful.


What do you know?