why does it work like that?

I can see it. I can see it so clearly I can almost touch it.

But I can’t quite reach it. I can see the problem. I even see the solution. Yet I can’t get the problem paired with the solution and get the wheels moving.

WHAT is the deal? I know what I know…I’ve been thinking about that and I am settled. I am not wrong.

Not exactly.

But I still can’t make it happen.

So what’s the deal? It could all be so simple. It could all be so beautiful. But it’s not and it stands like it’s never gonna move ever ever ever.

There is a something else that gets in the way. Knowing the answer is different from getting the fix and failure to shake hands.

I remember this story of the promised land.

The PROBLEM was that the children of israel were enslaved. Everybody knew the problem. Nobody knew the solution.

Except GOD intervened in the most fabulous ways possible, brought Moses in and did legendary miracles and freed them from their slavery.

And the slavery wasnt the problem anymore. In fact, fixating on the slavery as the problem was merely a mask on the REAL problem.

which, in a fascinating back-to-the-present-day, is STILL a problem.

The children of israel needed  a place to live.

The statement of work might go something like this:

Move the Israelites from their position of slavery in Egypt through the wilderness into the prophetically specified land area  and set up a functioning society.

yeah. Cause getting out from the slavery was only the first part.

The promised land was the real goal. But they had to get there.

they set out with very high hopes and made good progress.


Famously, they wandered around, instead going directly to where they supposedly wanted to go. Every day of those forty years all those hundreds–thousands?–of people got up and went a direction other than the one they needed to go to get where they wanted to be.

Sure, the Bible says they were cursed to do so. Did Moses tell everybody, “Buckle in the long haul. Curses! Forty years again!”

Maybe he did. Maybe he didn’t. Even if he did, did they believe him? Did some of them take day trips..pack a picnic lunch of manna…to the promised land?

But my problem of circular regression instead of straightforward progression is not mine alone. I suppose I can take some comfort in my shared misery.

I don’t know why. But it seems to work like that. Tick off all the days of the forty years as they pass. We’ll get there eventually but only if we don’t give up.