hot and mentally sticky

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far.

We were messed up. Both Chris and i are uncomfortable. And I woke up at three AM

Ah ha! I know what to do. I got up as soon as I figured out I was awake and went to the living room to stretch.

But chris woke up. And he came out and asked me what was wrong.

Insomnia should not have conversations. So, bakc and forth and toss and turn and discussion and visiting the bathroom and dog wanting out and dog wanting IN and loudly blowing one’s nose



sometimes a man needs killing. ┬áBut I wanted him for later, so I didn’t kill him.

instead I went to turn off my alarm because I might as well be up. But I crawled into bed to reach it, and bed felt really good. So I set the alarm for a half hour later

(I didn’t really need to brush my hair, did i?)

and had a WHOLE HOUR to lay in bed.

and I managed to scrape probably 15 minutes of sleep into that hour.

Felt good.

And we shall survive to live another day.


Veronica slept perfectly

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