content consumer or producer

This is an ongoing debate on the internet. Do you consume or produce?

Back in the day it was harder to produce content. But there are so many tools to do so now






and tons more

that creating content is not hard at all. Then the question is whether the content is quality content.

But. The people who just read or look at or listen to what other people have created, and don’t really contribute much of their own.

fast rewind to my first alone apartment. I was living in Mountain View and dating Chris. He had a big nice apartment with an always absent roommate. We spent most of our time at his place. Until I pulled a girlfriend move and said “Why don’t you ever come to my place?”

“You dont’ have anything to do there!”

“What are you talking about? I have a ton of things to do when I am at home. I play the piano, and I read…” Hmm…He had a point. These were things that a person does alone.

I didnt have things that included other people. Playing the piano is only fun for the listener for a brief time. And reading is a purely solitary activity.

Thing is I never feel alone when I am reading.

But with the scaling of literary Mt. Everest in the form of Ulysses, I feel as though I have no more mountains to climb. Naturally this makes me question everything.

What am I doing with all this reading, anyway? What is the point?

I would like to find a fellow enthusiast. I will do my best to find someone with whom I can discuss this love of mine.

But here’s another thing. Maybe if I have done the homework of reading all these books, I should share what I know. Maybe I need to write some essays. Maybe I need to create some lecture on these things I know.


Because…Now I know. What am I going to do about it? I can’t read all those gorgeous books again for the first time.