blanky needs surgery

Before my little one was born, a friend made her a quilt. Quilts are really wonderful, and Veronica recognized this immediately.
She is almost four now. Blanky has had four years of hard road. Blanky is starting to come apart on the edges. It will need a new binding.
I went to JoAnns and tried to find something matching. Blanky is faded and so I was trying to remember what colors were in it..Pink…light purple…green..yellow…
I grabbed a pink bolt and looked at it. Veronica was in the shopping cart in the child seat. I asked her, “Does this look like Blanky?”
uh oh. This could be tough, introducing a foreign graft to beloved blanky.
I reached for another one…it was light green…I put it in front of her. “Does this one look like blanky?”
She said “Yes,” and lay her head on the bolt.
Well. Definitive answer.
The original creator of blanky has offered the use of her sewing machine to secure the new fabric to blanky. One side can be machine sewn, and the other side must be hand sewn.
The other problem is distracting Veronica while blanky undergoes the procedure. All in all, it should be about an hour. But when blanky is in sight, it is hard for Veronica not to be holding it.
Perhaps she will need to be removed from the premises for this to be successful.

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