Veronica prays

Madhuri made a point of giving Veronica a toddler bible last weekend. I didn’t think it could compete with Cat in the Hat, but she loves it.

The Mean Giant (david and goliath) is a hit. and she seems to really get into the stories.

I haven’t entirely known how to talk about or share the Bible with her. I suppose I am a little conflicted about how to transfer my faith to her.

But after the reading, I thought, Hey, we should pray. They pray in sunday school, and she seemed uncomfortable with it. But I realized, I don’t ask her to pray at home, so of course it would be weird for her.

But I gave it a shot, praying for her after reading the bible stories. She was okay with it the first time, and the second time, she wiggled and yelled a nonsense song.


today, after we were getting in the car after grocery shopping, she grabbed my hand while I was buckling her in. “Thank you mommy for being here and grocery shopping and things.”

well. How nice. “thank you Veronica, for being a good girl, and doing such a good job of listening.”

“I want to pray.”



She grabbed my hand. “Dear God, You are a special God. Thank you for everybody. Amen”


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