She has ears that can hear

It’s spring almost summer. June in Los Angeles is the season of not-quite summer. The kind of summer that you wish you had; a little overcast in the morning but usually turning blue sky and warm by afternoon. Not too hot.

But the days are long, like they are every where in the northern hemisphere. The flowers come out.

Trees bloom. I had never imagined such a thing in Alaska. This broad blue flowered tree looked like somehting out of Dr. Suess to me the first time I saw it.

And they are blooming again.

“Mommy! Look!”

“Aren’t the blue trees pretty, Veronica? They are called Jackaranda trees.”

The name is kind of magical too. A unique name.

“That is my Panda Bear tree, Mommy. I live there.”

what? Jackaranda….anda….Panda….

“That looks like a very good place to live.”

“Yeah! Do you want to come live with me in the Panda bear tree, Mommy?”


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