Class is out, now it is time for some homework

My empowerment class, my new friend Ferdinando, and dooleys book

The gems personality system, the sales training

I have been inhaling new learning

I am hitting a wall.. I know I have encountered these ideas and I have not integrated them

I have not stopped to do things… Other things I like.

There is A lesson not integrated there too. Things I like are important

It is time to do the homework. Time to get organized in thought and action


My power is not only powerful within context. I am a compound, I can do me anytime anywhere.

I don’t need specific cooperation from one entity–person, job, business. Not because i don’t need cooperation to get what I want, but because there are many many possible cooperators and collaborators.

I have to focus on my goals, and my abstract wants to get there.

Specific frustrations are a waste of energy

The Long Way Round

Forgive, but don’t forget. That’s been my policy. It’s not that I want to hold a grudge; it is a self preservation thing. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I don’t need a second helping of








So I will remember. I will hold it to my belly, curl around it and protect myself from that sort of thng ever happening again. I will be safe, remembering that horrible thing–never forget–what was done to me. I can cherish the memory, polish and refine it with names. Those people who did me wrong, they were



mentally ill

and more! with these labeles, I have categories for my victimhood and have bolstered it. I have a powerful stance, an informed and logical, backed-by-science victimhood and a reason to never never never forget.

If i make sure to be careful and protect myself from these bad guys and their hurtful scary ways, I can avoid the situations and encounters that will bring me more pain.

I’ve been thinking about this; about forgiveness and broken trust and my own safety.

I remembered this book. Steve Martin the comedian writes books now, and one of them, The Pleasure of My Company, is about a man who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. He’s really smart, and he has locked himself into these rules.

Every day, he must overcome  extraordinary obstacles to just exist. One of his fears is of stepping off curbs–he can only leave his side of the street when a driveway provides a sloped descent into the street AND a corresponding driveway directly across the street provides an onramp. Not diagonal, only directly across.

Therefore, to get from his apartment to a local store to get necessary items, he takes a very circuitous route. It takes more than an hour to walk a few blocks to Rite Aid. He hates this, but he must abide by these rules in order for the world to be okay. He regrets how much time it takes, but his life requires it.

How much have I re-routed the natural straight line of my life by all my fears? That one over there hurt me so much once, I can never speak to him again. This one nearby has nothing noticeably questionable going on, but she doesn’t seem to know or agree that THAT one is dangerous, so they are likely in cahoots.

The one over there? Well, he reminds me of the first one, so I better avoid him jsut to be sure.

That’s a long way to walk to avoid getting hurt and being safe.

If there were a way to forgive past the part where I need to remember to protect myself, I could save a lot of time. I want to step off the curb to get where I want to go.





because there is another side to it

I have been feelling frustrated that I am not seen.

Yoo Hoo! over here!

again and again I am not taken into consideration

Then it occurred to me, if they don’t see me, I’m the one who has more information. I see me. I know who and what I am.


If “they” don’t know, I am in a superior position.

that makes me feel better.

Poeming in public

Merciful moon
You are gentle with my flaws bathing them in softlight
You struggle too
Giving in to the overpowering shadow of other beings
We both find ourselves less then what we could be
All too often

Courageous moon
You succumb and fight on
Never ending example of my struggle in the sky

Someday I might shine like the sun
Blazing fullness always

Until then I have the soft tender moon
Solacing my waxing heart

Some things are not made to last

My husband’s grandfather owned a machine shop, and my grandfather worked in one. That means machine shops were really common once upon a time. Now, the only thing to say is

What’s a machine shop?

It used to be that machines and things required a special made part when they would wear out. So recent and so forever ago, there used to be all sorts of daily-use things that would break. When they broke, they would get fixed. Often the thing that broke was a part. A part of the machine, a piece of the mechanism, needed to be replaced.

It sounds almost medieval now, because we have so standardized everything and mass produced it. To create a new part or retool an old one doesn’t happen nowadays. We buy a new one.

I am pretty sure back then, parts were made to last. I bet part of the reason machine shops were required is because things were older and had been around a long time, were expected to be around and were expected to be maintained.

This idea, like the machines needing to be maintained, is not new to me. I have heard stories about my grandfather—my dad’s dad—all my life. I am thinking about it now because I am thinking I have a worn out part in my personal mechanism.

I’m thinking about my impulse toward gratitude. I have a HUGE scroll of things that frustrate me. I am sick to my teeth of being frustrated. I am tired past bearing of waking up in the middle of the night to think “And another thing…!”

Books and entire industries are dedicated to the idea of gratitude as a happiness lifestyle. “They” say we should keep gratitude journals and in other myriad ways express gratitude. It makes our life work better.

It was my granddad we were talking about–the one who worked on machines. I work with systems and machines too. I see that my gratitude flywheel is not functioning. It needs to be replaced.

I am frustrated again (see how quick I get there?!). Why can’t I just have a durable part, a strong and load-bearing gratitude flywheel? One that doesn’t wear out.

It doesn’t work like that I guess. This one, this part, it wears out on a regular basis. It’s the sort of thing that requires constant refreshing. Some things, like that hammer chisel in Chris’s grandfather’s toolchest, will last for decades and centuries. Other parts have to be replaced every day.

I suppose it is not a part, not a flywheel. It’s more like the oil. I have to keep this heart of mine greased with gratitude or it seizes up.

Hungry for

I do a lot of things during the day that I’m not sure I mean. It’s like there are things I really want or impulses I am following, And my actions are not what I would have picked.

It’s like going to the grocery store hungry, You don’t make the right choices. So my choices to do that or not do that seem to be Coming from a place that is not in balance.

I can be better than that, If I could make sure not to be hungry.

But what am I hungry for?

Tomorrow is our anniversary

Woke up early *thinking* again…damn my head…and in all the other thoughts were self recriminations that I had not gotten anything to celebrate my husband for our six years of marriage.

I honestly hoped I could sleep again after I got up to write out the thinking.


Then I thought…he would love a somecrust cake! He mentioned wanting cake!


So, soothe the dog to prevent barking as I leave IN MY PJs to get somecrust delights!

They aren’t open yet

15 minutes of car sitting watching the early rising senior citizens take their early morning constitutionals in Claremont village

Laughing at myself. Hoping Veronica does not wake herself and therefor chris at 7 this morning and undo my well meaning gift of cake

Hello fellow humans! I am particularly human today



change has a delayed flight, but it’s still coming

Is there anything worse than a big change that is about to happen, then gets delayed but is still about to happen? the tension, the unknown is looming and booming.

I almost want to go back away from the change

and yet the change is already in place. No backing out now.

is the change really going to be different? I’m supposed to envision it, and yet all I am hitting is uncomfortableness. I’m supposed to envision the amazing beautiful future.

my heart hurts in the now. Is it really so simple?