more internalizing

I’ve been listening. I’ve been reading and asking.

I just finished listening to myself, and reading myself.

I re-read The Parable of Miriam the Camel Driver again. It is time for a parable.

Since Miriam is ME, I find that I am in the same groove. I am finding the same results when i do the same things

The same frustrations, the same responses from others.

I have a vision of what I can accomplish and what I’d like to accomplish. I have stuff I want to DO, things I am DYING to do.

Crying to do.

The same blocked road happens.

This means, if all the books I am reading and questions I am asking lead to this result I don’t want…

The books and ready answers don’t work, or specifically they don’t work for me. Same difference.

I need to ask different people different questions. I need to find a different road, and a new map.

It is up to me.

And THIS time, I intend to be clearer on what i what and where i want to go