Tomorrow is our anniversary

Woke up early *thinking* again…damn my head…and in all the other thoughts were self recriminations that I had not gotten anything to celebrate my husband for our six years of marriage.

I honestly hoped I could sleep again after I got up to write out the thinking.


Then I thought…he would love a somecrust cake! He mentioned wanting cake!


So, soothe the dog to prevent barking as I leave IN MY PJs to get somecrust delights!

They aren’t open yet

15 minutes of car sitting watching the early rising senior citizens take their early morning constitutionals in Claremont village

Laughing at myself. Hoping Veronica does not wake herself and therefor chris at 7 this morning and undo my well meaning gift of cake

Hello fellow humans! I am particularly human today



change has a delayed flight, but it’s still coming

Is there anything worse than a big change that is about to happen, then gets delayed but is still about to happen? the tension, the unknown is looming and booming.

I almost want to go back away from the change

and yet the change is already in place. No backing out now.

is the change really going to be different? I’m supposed to envision it, and yet all I am hitting is uncomfortableness. I’m supposed to envision the amazing beautiful future.

my heart hurts in the now. Is it really so simple?