Class is out, now it is time for some homework

My empowerment class, my new friend Ferdinando, and dooleys book

The gems personality system, the sales training

I have been inhaling new learning

I am hitting a wall.. I know I have encountered these ideas and I have not integrated them

I have not stopped to do things… Other things I like.

There is A lesson not integrated there too. Things I like are important

It is time to do the homework. Time to get organized in thought and action


My power is not only powerful within context. I am a compound, I can do me anytime anywhere.

I don’t need specific cooperation from one entity–person, job, business. Not because i don’t need cooperation to get what I want, but because there are many many possible cooperators and collaborators.

I have to focus on my goals, and my abstract wants to get there.

Specific frustrations are a waste of energy