Last night, I found myself off balance and worried and critical or myself. I thought, “I need to be grounded! How do I do that again?”
So…I listened to some of  recordings for grounding  and heard Jessica  say, “For the duration of this session, be present.”
How was I being present and grounded? I had headphones on as I was doing dishes. DISHES! I didn’t want to be doing dishes. But I thought, well, be present. I took the phones off and tried to be mindful…as I did the dishes and cleaned the bathroom.
I came up with this mantra…”Every day in every way my life is about me.”
I had been going around in the holidays thinking I needed to be considerate of everyone else and listen to everyone else…and it had put me off balance and made me CRITICAL of other people AND myself.

as I was putting away dishes and cleaning the counters, I thought…I can trust myself to be considerate of other people. The people who love me WANT me to have what I want. And I want good things for them.
I won’t be mean, but if i don’t put things where I want them and do the things I like and choose the things that give me pleasure, no one will know (including myself!) what I want.
Every day in every way my life is about me.

Self-centered is just an acceptance of what is. Of COURSE my life is all about me. That’s why it’s my life.


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