Corporate Fool

You have to keep a close eye on it, and I haven’t been.

If you don’t have your health, people say, you don’ t have anything.  Even more I would say, you have to keep your sense of humor.

Shakespeare had the Fool in so many of his plays. They were comic relief sometimes. Comic relief is no joke. When I am all caught up in all the seriousness of goals and roles and responsibilities, comic relief is exactly what I need.

He didn’t make it up. Kings kept fools. The fools could speak where others dare not tread.

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

What is ridiculous?


and with laughter could come wisdom. Yes, we are ridiculous. I don’t need to be mad about that perceived insult. Or that one.

What’s really important?

I have felt for a long time that we need to bring back the office of official Fool.

We need Fools in the White House and at Capitol Hill.

Fools in the corporate board rooms.

Official Fools. Professional Fools.

Life is awfully serious. And it doesn’ t have to be.

Try to juggle sometime, and you’ll know that it is inevitable that balls will be dropped.

Imagine the thinning gray scalps around an important table. After an endless meeting of grim realities, the hat is passed. All partners take a slip of paper, and one has an x.

The caterer enters, presents the tray. He drapes a sheet over the shoulders of the designated x.


Pie in the face.

That would change the tone of the meeting.


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