she helped

I cleaned the bathroom today. Sometimes, when the house is a total wreck, I take ONE ROOM, even the smallest and get that on order. It helps to feel like I got the one thing done.

So I was cleaning the bathroom. Veronica noticed. “What are you doing Mommy?”


“Can I clean too?”


“Ok. Here take this cloth and clean off the sink.”

She set to work and I started cleaning the tub.

“Mommy, this is hard. it’s very dirty.”

“Yes it is. That’s why we have to clean it.”

She kept at it and declared herself done.

“What else can I clean?:

“Clean the front of the sink too.”

And so it continued. We cleaned all of the bathroom, and even got on our hands and knees together to mop the floor.

She really was a super star. Several of her cleaning jobs I didn’t even have to do over at all! FAR better than I expected.

“You are a good helper, Bunny. You did a really good job.”

“Can we clean the bathroom again, Mommy?”

Capital idea! “Yes we can.”

“Will you draw a toilet on the calendar to show it?”

She has a month calendar in her room, and for special holidays or events, we will draw a picture to represent it and give her something to look forward to. A drawing of a present to show an upcoming birthday party is a common one.

She liked cleaning the bathroom together so much, she wants to look forward to it on the calendar?

“Yes, I will.”

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