You know that feeling you have after you watch a movie that takes over your brain and changes how you see everything?

How the laws of physics, or what love really means, or the geopolitical balance of power is now up for debate?

Some people, they want to sit and think. Take walk, contemplate and see everything in a new way.

A lot of people want to talk about it. They want to talk about it with peole that have seen the movie. Repeat lines from that movie…or go, “Remember that part…?”

For friends that haven’t seen the movie, they want to try to explain it and go, “Oh man, you have to see it! You’ll understand. This thing when…”

I hate it when people try to re-tell a movie. A joke or a scene, and it’s all awkward. If someone has seen it, they can fill in the blanks, but a person who hasn’t, well…the explanation sounds idiotic.

See the movie or don’t, don’t try to re-tell it. Can’t be done.

So, while we are in the fog of dual realities, the one the movie showed us, and the one we used to inhabit (let’s call it “reality”), we are imbeciles. And we kind of know it, but we also know we are enlightened.

Enlightened imbeciles.

I was looking at some friends on facebook, friends I haven’t seen in years. And I am of the age where friends I used to party with, guys I have dated and people I haven’t seen since grade school are posting pictures of their kids.

Scrapbook leavings all over…cake faces and halloween costumes and anecdotes.

I do it too.

And I know it’s not for the unitiated. I have friends who are childless, and I know that I can’t share the toilet escapades and the sleep routine tortures with them.

I still love them.

But they are unenlightened. And I am an imbecile.

I can’t repeat the jokes, because if you weren’t there…ALL the way from the first ultrasound to this morning’s handoff at preschool…you had to be there, or it’s not funny

Or profound

Or even a little bit interesting

It’s a new obsession, and I’m not sure when the air will clear. I suppose I’m watching the movie every day. And I don’t want to break it off with my friends who aren’t into the “Parent” show, and I’m sorry, but for a while…a LONG while

I’m gonna be stupid.

It’s the price I pay for enlightenment.