the end

I think there are about 300 sentences I have to write to get to the end of my magnum opus.

that’s the last chapter of the book I’ve been writing for more than a decade. What the hell. When I finish it I will cease to be the person who is writing this story. I will have to be the person who is doing something else.

What am I doing? I am looking for a job. That happens–being in between jobs. I am sure I will find a job eventually. Or I will find something.

I should worry about that, I think. I am worrying a little. And then I think, “Stop worrying!”

because worrying doesn’t help anything.

So. I have to write 300 sentences. Or so.

It is hard to write those sentences. They are tricky.

And when they are done it gets even trickier.

ah damn. It’s a dangerous business, making your dreams come true