family reunion

We start the road trip to the family reunion today. I have been selling it hard to Veronica as a visit with her cousins. She does not have any first cousins, but cousin is a very accomodating relationship. She is VERY excited to hear that Cousin Jane Lovig Kauffman has Barbies to share, although she does understand that Jane is a grownup. I have told her of cousin Rebecca Kauffman and her brother Andrew…And that it will be happening at cousin Claudia and Barry Courtney‘s house…I’ve told her about Aunt Pat…and Aunt Zelpha…She is VERY excited, and is now possessive. She doesn’t like that we have the same cousins…she said “I want a cousin that will love only me!”

“All of your cousins at the family reunion love you. They will be very glad to see you. They will want to talk with you and hear what you have to say.”

“I can make them a craft project!”

That’s family! we are there to love each other.

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