My coworker was complaining that he should someday soon give in and buy a new truck. And that his OLD OLD OLD truck was in the shop because the navigation system was wonky.Am I on Mars? What is going on? A truck with a navigation system is OLD?

Of course some places can make me feel young. Church, for one. Church is full of Elders. Really truly.

So as we were gathering to talk about something churchy, the leader asks “Do you consider yourself a courageous church? Or status quo?”

They all thought courageous. But what is courageous to a someone who’s faced down three quarters of life already?

Maybe they are courageous on a battle that’s already been won.

Like that story about Japanese people stranded on islands and STILL FIGHTING WW2 long after the emperor surrendered.

I’m about halfway through my life, and I am amazed that old trucks are far more modern than I expect. How do I keep my courage relevant? Where is the front line anymore?

So a friend who is authentically courageous, so strong and vibrant with what life has given her, posted this dense quote on Facebook:

“Changing the way we think means continually shifting our point of orientation. We must take time to look inward: to become aware of, and study, the tacit “truths” that we take for granted; the ways we create knowledge and make meaning in our lives; and the aspirations and expectations that govern what we choose from life. But we must also look outward, by exploring new ideas and different ways of thinking and interacting, connecting to multiple processes and relationships outside ourselves and clarifying our shared visions for the organization and the larger community.” Schools that Learn pg 26 Senge et al

So relevant. I cannot take my truths for granted. If truth is truth, it presents itself anew in every life circumstance. I cannot take it for granted.

I have to keep exploring new thoughts and ways of thinking. That’s part of what this whole Weekly Wonder is about. As quiet and small as it is, we think thoughts and poke at what is happening in the world together.

So what is the vision for courage right now? Where are the battle fields? What are the battle fields?

What is the land we’re living in? My view of the future is now long past.

I can’t see things clearly. My biases are clouding the vision. My experiences have led to be conclusions and those are hard to leave.

So. If I can go deep and come up with my personal battles…To individually and personally pursue happiness, spreading love and peace…and try on some ideas and interactions.

There’s a battle ground. Sometimes a revolution starts with a whisper…


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