I am Here Now

It’s not the same song. It’s the same group. And it sounds so much the same.

I remember when I first listened to an album of this group.

I was seriously sick, mysteriously sick. I was in a room in Moscow, and I had been bitten by moscow mosquitos for more than a week. We had just missed our flight and I didn’t have enough dollars to get another ticket.

My parents had only agreed to let me and my brother go to Moscow because I had enough money to pay for tickets to get back if we had to pay in dollars.

But I had spent the money while in the big city. I didn’t have enough for pay for us to buy tickets to get back when the people who were supposed to get us back made us miss the flight.

Worse though, was that all my mosquitos bites had started to ache down to my bones. They had swollen, and then after I fell asleep at the school headquarters in Moscow they had all formed rings of white pus.

I had a hacking cough and I was stranded.

I think back at how dangerous that was. I lose my breath at how I wasnt’ scared enough at the time.

I was scared. But not scared enough.

I am here now. That was a long time ago.

The cough worsened, and lasted more than a month.

The mosquito bites evnetually drained and healed. They left some scars, and those places on my skin behaved differently for decades into the future.

And that is not the danger anymore.

I am here now.

But once. I was there.