We finally got to the tiger trail at the wild animal safari park. We’ve been there so many times, and always the kid conks out before we get to the tigers.

She’s getting older though. THis time, we went further than ever before. As we entered the tiger trail, there was a statue of a tiger, looking very ethnic from wherever it was from. The striped tiger face looked like a demon. Scary! But we had nothing to be afraid of. These tigers were safely in cages

They are big kitties, right? Sleeping in the sun, flicking their tails. Oh look! That one is licking his paw. Let me see if I can get a photograph of his tongue.


Then he turned his face right towards me.

I saw it. I saw the terrifying demon face of a tiger. I saw what that imitation of an imitation of tiger art was hinting at.

a human being never wants to see a tiger face. That is the end of life and this striped demon tiger looking right at me through the glass was a brush with my abject powerlessness.

Then he went back to licking his foot.

I still remember. He’s not a kitty

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