Veronica in kindergarten

Talking to Veronica this morning:

“Remember Uncle Mark? He went to Disneyland with us.”

“Uh huh. I want to go to Disneyland again!”

“We will go again sometime. Uncle Mark went to China to be a teacher. Right around the same time you started kindergarten. But he doesn’t teach kindergarten. He teaches grownups.”

She nods.

“He got sick and he is in the hospital right now. That is what daddy and I have been talking about.”

“But what is he sick with?”

“He has a cough.”

“I have a cough.”

“yes, you have a cough. You are getting better. Uncle Mark needed help getting better so he’s in the hospital.”

“I want to go to China.”

Se we got out her National Geographic Animal Atlas. I showed her where we are, which she already knew. And then I showed her where China is.

“Look! That’s where Pandas live. They don’t live in the cities though. They are not near Uncle Mark.”

She recently had to do a research project for school (THE THINGS THEY MAKE KINDERGARTNERS DO!!!). We had to research a zoo animal, and she picked tigers. She had to write where tigers live, what they eat and an interesting fact about about them. I helped her find out from wikipedia that tigers live in Asia, they eat buffaloes and deer, and that the are disappearing. There are a lot fewer of them than there used to be.

So I went on. “Oh! China is in Asia. There are tigers there, remember? Maybe the tigers eat the pandas.”

She was horrified. “Mommy! Tigers don’t eat pandas! Tigers eat people!”