Look what we can do!

One of my friends who works in the entertainment industry was telling me about a time when she first moved to L.A. A friend of hers from out of town came to visit and they decided to go watch the red carpet for the grammies.

She wouldn’t have chosen to go if her friend hadn’t been all excited to go.

“Your out-of-town friend was excited to see all the glamour of Hollywood? To see all the movie stars, huh?”

She made a face and said she regretted going. “I didn’t think it would make me feel so much like they were stars and I was NOT.”

There are superstars everywhere you look. Every time I turn around I am running into the same people getting interviewed or quoted.

I dig Steve Jobs, Seth Godin and Mark Twain. But I get inspired by my own little collection of wise people.

As I crawl around the internet, I find this and that link and then I find someone I to follow for a long time.

Sometimes they are famous. Sometimes they are not.

Sometimes I have no idea if anybody else anywhere knows about my favorites.

I’ve decided to start championing the people that matter to me. It makes me feel special for discovering them, and like I get to give a gift to all my friends and followers of a new discovery.

The popular people can keep saying their popular stuff. I’ve never hung out with the popular kids.