Because People Need to Know

On the Russian American School of Tomorrow Blog:

I just heard a wise man say:

There are people right now who don’t know you exist. But if you do the work to share your work with them, they will be so grateful.

I know there are people who need to read The Russian American School of Tomorrow. I know this is a life changing book. I hope to find a way to share this book with as much love as I put into writing it.






THis is not the time to shy away from the top of the mountain. There is no way out but through.

So I better get to work.

out from obscurity

I wonder if all memoirists have this? Some people from my past have read my book and now we have to really go over it.

I talked about it. In The Russian American School of Tomorrow I talked about what was happening in a real way.

I didn’t talk about it then, Not while it was happening. And never to people I was casually aquainted with.

But now, I am opening myself to go over it. With the people who know the names of the names I changed in the story.

It’s uncomfortable.

But it’s good I think. And maybe I will have more good friends by the end than I had at the beginning.