sadness friday

Her friend betrayed her on Friday.

“Mommy, Amelia wouldn’t play with me. She decided that should would play with Sophia. Max told me.”

This is bad. Amelia had been her best for the last several weeks.

“Did she tell you why?”

“She wouldn’t talk to me. Max told me. So I went over to her and sang her a song.”

“You sang to her?”

“It was a very long song, filled with all the sadness that was in my heart. She tipped my bucket.”

Tipping her bucket means that her heart was broken.

“Then I asked her if she heard my song. She said she didn’t, and that she was going to play with Sophia now.”

I suspect that Veronica sang an impromptu song with all her thoughts and feelings sung in it. I suspect she was near but not close to her former best friend, and that she was not singing very loudly.

I love this girl, who chooses to sing her broken heart like a solo greek chorus on the playground.

She did not cry, she did not hit or get angry.

She sang her a song filled with all the sadness in her heart.