yeah, I’ve heard it. And i agree.

We need divesity, Having people from different walks of life and different backgrounds makes a more interesting and stronger base.

But i’m sick to death of cookie cutter diversity.

Perhaps the latina woman, black man, homosexual man and asian woman panel for diversity day is not as played out as I feel it is.

Maybe there really is a need for more of that, maybe other people have not gained what they can from it.

But I think that the usual suspect have given their time.

Can’t we be a little more diverse in our diversity? I would like to see an orthodox jew talk about his or her high holy days. I’d like to have an armenian on the microphone to talk about the genocide.

Maybe a muslim? A hindu person to talk about what to bring to a potluck.

and you want to know what else? White people getting real about what makes them not as ordinary as they look.

The panels of the same old diversity candidates is starting to reinforce stereotypes. The opposite of their intent, I think.

One place i worked at was celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.’s day. MLK is a remarkable man. They were holding a food drive. 

As I handed them my cans of food, I said, “I can’t help but think. Isn’t this rather condescending? Martin Luther King was a heroic figure that championed the rights of African Americans. When people think of commemorating him, naturally they think of African Americans. And holding a food drive on his day is kind of like saying African Americans are poor and need food.”

The organizer sputtered and said that King had a lot to say about service, and…and…and

I caught the eye of a young African American man helping the organizer. “Yeah…” he said. “I see what you mean. It doesn’t look good.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to find people who were similar to King, and were making a difference in their communities? People of any background?” I said.

It woudl be a lot harder to organize that kind of meaningful tribute. It’s easier to stick to the agreed-upon definition of diversity.

Diversity is here. It’s now, in every group. What do each of us have to offer each other?

We have to start seeing each other.

All of each other.