It’s pretty clear at the end of the day that we’ve had it. I have one shining goal: get her to sleep so I can be done.

My daughter had a wide-ranging imagination. It seems to heighten right before bed.

I love her imagination. And sometimes I have no patience for it.

Because when I am putting her to bed, and I feel like I have no extra anything to give, and her imagination takes off I’m done.

“Mommy…I just want to be with you.”

“I’m here right now.”

“I have to be with you all day tomorrow.”

“Veronica, I can’t be with you all day tomorrow. You have school.”

and the tears. And my vision of finally being alone recedes.

If I remember myself, I realize I can’t take her literally. I don’t need to engage with the specific issue she had brought up.

Her real issue is more primal that the complicated reasons she brings up.

I recognize this sometimes in myself. I have been overwhelmed and had all kinds of things to say about what needs to happen and my sweet husband deals with the issue not what I’m saying.

It’s very human.

I have to double-check the literal response sometimes.

Many times what people ask for is not what they want.

It pays to take a long look before setting off on a course.

Most especially when it has been a long day.