Unnoticed Adventures

I read a Facebook post the other day:


“I woke up this morning thinking ‘I need to charge my laptop!’

Then I woke up and found it was already plugged in.

Thank you, last night me!”


Isn’t it funny how some little thing, or some series of little things, can add up to a very wonderful now?


Every day, every moment we choose what to do and what not to do. The choices seem small and unimportant. Yet over time, they stack up into something substantial.


Good habits, or bad. Small perseverances that shape a whole life.


The version of my life made of diversions, reversion and perversion.


Habits and traditions begin with accidents. The best plans never survive the first encounter with the enemy.


Which is why


I am so grateful to the me of five and a half years ago. The me that started writing this Weekly wonder, and let it be exactly and whatever I wanted it to be.


I doubted and despised what I was doing. I judged it harshly, and appreciated it sometimes. I disregarded and discounted my little essays.


But I still wrote them. I wrote them for me.


And then I wrote them for you.


Thank you me, for writing this for 5 years. Thank you for allowing me to arrive at this moment of appreciation.


And very very thank you all for reading these, whenever you do, whenever you can, and for however long it’s been since you’ve discovered it.


We are all doing something unique. We’re letting thoughts pass through our minds and leave us the better for them.


This is a time of tradition and remembering what happened last year and last time.


It’s been a pretty ugly crazy beautiful year with all the things we each did and didn’t do.


Thank you all. I love how this adventure is turning out.