Who doesn’t love getting something new?

New seems so full of promise. Here comes a new year! It’s never been here before. What will it contain?

I know I love to think about new things and what possibilities could be created.

Many many times I’ve looked and new years and said “THIS year I will be different and change..”

Reminds me of that old joke

How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?


But it really has to want to change

I’m sick of feeling shame and regret. I don’t care anymore. I don’t want to be motivated by self-disgust or a feeling that there is something wrong with me.

I’m just who I am, and pretty much who I always have been.

I want to fill this year with stuff that is fun and even more me than I’ve ever  been before.

Which things on my ‘bucket list’ will get crossed off this year?

Which will get added?

That’s probably the best part, I think. Coming up with new ideas of things I’d love to do.

A friend of mine went on a rant about how some people annoy him, giving little biting indightments of their flawed behavior. I said “You have so many things you could make with your brains. Why use them to be irritated? Especially since I know you can work up an irritated annoyance to last weeks, with a half life of years.”

He laughed at himself.

We are all like that. I know I can hold on to a slight or an annoyance and polish it, bringing out in my mind facets of how WRONG this or that person was.

What a ridiculous use of my thoughts.

I would rather thing of good ideas than rehash bad ones.


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