Sick Day

“How are you feeling?”

Chris had to stay in bed, because he was sick. I had to do the things he would do. I took Veronica to school and picked her up from school. We had dinner and did homework and walked the dog.

What we didn’t do was disturb daddy.

But I did have to check in.

He looked blurry. “I stayed in bed all day. I found episodes of NOVA to watch. I had to be careful to find ones that wouldn’ t upset my stomach.”

“That shouldnt’ be hard.”

“You’d be surprised. It turns out that during WW1, plastics and fabrics hadn’t advanced as much as now. Do you know, they had to fill Zeppelins with smaller bags of hydrogen, and them put that inside the big hull? The best thing they found was cow intestines.”


“It took 250,000 cows to fill one. They took all the cows, and it was even illegal to eat sausage in germany at that time. All the cow intestines went to the war effort.”

“I hope you’re feeling better.”

“I’m still pretty tired.”