I woke up around 240 am. I got up to pee and thought how greAt it is that I will be able to fall back asleep without too much trouble.

For many recent years, that was not the case.

But I got back into my warm cozy bed. I heard murmurs from Veronica’s room. I thought she was being cute. But then I heard her talking. I had to go check. It was 300

Her night light was out. We hadn’t charged it. I found the cable and plugged it in. She was full of solutions for how to avoid this problem in the future.

Was it scary in the dark?

Well mommy it kind of is!

And then she had a headache. Which escalated. And she had to throw up her dinner

Not good.

I think she’s asleep now. after ginger ale, an episode of teen titans go and some green eggs and ham

I can tell I’m cold and it will be hard to get back to sleep

And still. I am grateful that I can set my alarm for later and work will boss will totally understand.

Things are better than they have been for a long time

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