Take the Road

I had this idea for a project, a thing to do. I was all excited about it, and I wanted to try adding video and a whole ebook on the side.
I started, and it was even better than I thought. I organized my idea, and had such a big epiphany while doing THAT I veered off and played with the epiphany for a good long while.

Man, this was good stuff!

Then I reached an impasse with the epiphany, and wanted to take it further. I was brainstorming about what the right medium I could use.

And I remembered my original idea. It seemed small and unimportant now. Hadn’t I outgrown it?

But then again…

Just starting the project idea led to an awesome epiphany.

When it comes to creativity…

When it comes to ideas…

When it comes to art..

There is nothing like getting my hands in the mud, up to the elbows in all the chaos.

I’ve talked before about the lure of the road not taken. The moment the choice is made, all other choices are excluded.

While I am deciding to do something, I could do anything!

Once I make my choice, then I am doing only that thing.

Of course, if I never take a step, all the anything I could be doing amounts to a big pile of nothing.

The lure of being able to do anything is strong. The only thing that is stronger is the fear of doing nothing.

No doubt whatsoever that in a world where all possibilities exist I could find something better to do with my time than the thing that is right in front of me. That’s why it takes courage to create, and something even greater to complete the creation.