daylight savings monday

When the british isles were becoming industrialized, the factories had to take people who had been serfs and fit them into the time schedule of a factory.

You might thing that people would come late all the time. But these people had been plugged into the rythm of the season. They went to work when the sun woke up.

So, yes, in the winter they were late. BUt in the summer they were early.

Yes, this is a post about daylight savings.

It’s pretty common to human history to alter our natural impulses for some perceived benefit.

People have fasted to get wisdom, which is a very big alteration of the natural order.

Tattoos are experiencing a resurgence. That’s a body modification.

We all get persuaded that it’s a great idea.

It’s natural in another way. It seems to be a human trait, to strive for something greater, something over the horizon, that is better.

So we endure discomfort, pain and misery to see if it will lead to something better.

Some people say it will. Maybe thinking makes it so.

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