I heard someone say last week, that she no longer makes room for overwhelm.

Really? I didn’t think overwhelm worked like that. Whelm implies a flood…and a flood is irrisitable. A different thing, a foreign substance fills your surroundings and threatens your very life.

Water, or quicksand, can overwhelm you in a physical way.

Emotional overwhelm is actualy internally created. I think all of us have felt overwhelmed from time to time. I certainly know what it means when someone else tells me that they feel overwhelmed.

It’s a sense of helplessness.  A sense of being trapped and incapable.

I guess if it comes from my mind, maybe I can turn it off. If I am overwhelmed by feelings and expectations, maybe I can change them.

How crazy is that?

I remember when my daughter was first born. I was overhwhelmed, totally. All the things it took to take care of a newborn! I felt that it would take everything I had and more and I would still fail.

I realized after several months that I was crying. I was crying every day. Not all day, but at least once a day.

I watched myself cry every day. I thought about it, and one day, when I was starting to cry because I was so overwhelmed, I was disgusted with myself. Not only was I so overwhelmed that I was crying, I was mad at myself for crying. It made me want to cry more.

So, that day, I saw myself, and I said to myself, “Crying is the problem, not the solution.”

After that I stopped crying. I did continue feelign overwhelmed, but at least I wasn’t mad at myself for crying.

I cry all the time.

But that was the day I decided to stop crying every day because i was scared and tired and ignorant.

I decided. and I stopped.

I wonder if I can just stop being overwhelmed.

I am going to try it.

Let’s see…Being overwhelmed is the problem, not the solution.

Yeah. That’s true.

Let me see if I can stop the problem