Little Sister

I am the youngest of four children. Since the beginning I was always the last to learn anything. My brothers were older and always knew a little more–or a lot more–than I did.

Always behind, always thinking everyone but me knew.

There are some advantages to this. If I didn’t know something it was only because I hadn’t caught on YET. With older brothers I had three chances to get the answer.

Of course I didn’t want to admit to my brothers I didn’t know. I would try to find out on my own.

I was so sure that I could learn the secrets to anything if I set my mind to it.

My brothers’ interests diverged from mine pretty quickly. But I never lost the certainty that my questions would be satisfied.

It’s served me well. My career was built on the many many men who took the time to take my questions seriously and help me understand what I was seeking.

So we are all grown up now. I have accumulated some knowledge and I’m finally sure that there are many things I know that they don’t understand.

We each have our areas of expertise.

I’m pretty sure I’ve always been better at asking questions.

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