Homework and phones

People talk about how school children interact with their phones. I love my phone, and I really need it to keep me from going crazy. i tell you, if I hadn’t hd things to listen to when Veronica was a newborn I don’t know how I woul dhave survived.

But now there is a new form of crushing boredom.


The homework Veronica takes home from second grade is not possible for her to do alone. It required a HUGE amount of help from me.

Also, as the mom, I get to recieve a lot of pushback that a teacher would not have to tolerate.

We have a new way of pracicing her spelling words. I have her spell the word out loud, correcting any error by speaking, and then she writes it down.

This gives her a little more practice in writing too, which is really needed.

But it’s soul crushingly boring. For both of us.

I have to resist checking my phone for stuff to think about. THERE IS NO BREAK. She fights me every step and at any second there will be something I need to correct.

SHe would love to be watching Youtube as well.

But I actually CAN read texts while she is spelling a word. But I can’t be distracted by it. The words keept coming.