with a bang

Happy new year, readers! It’s 2018, how did that happen?


Time to think about what it is I’m doing with my years, as they stack up.  I did a new years ceremony with some friends, and we all came up with our WORD for the year. how we each want to show up and be in the next year.

It’s funny. At this point, I have crossed off a lot of the definable goals. Graduated from college. Have a husband, daughter and a mortgage, not in that order.

I have published a book. More than one.

I have a career.

So now it’s more about how I want to feel.

Have you seen that video of Jim Carrey talking? He says “I wish everyone could be rich and famous, so they could see that it isn’t the answer to anything.”

Well, damn. So what is?

All those things I felt like I had to have, like i couldn’t be me until i had them–the achievements and statuses–what now?

Me and my friends wanted to think about what we wanted to feel like. How we wanted to experience life.

This is a new idea for me. Is it because I have reached a certain age? Or is the whole zeitgeist coming to realize this?

The phrase is “core desired feelings.”  How does my life make me feel? Is that how I want to feel? If not, can I do something to change it?

Guess what my word is. I choose:


Go big or go home! But still, they way I think about it is that explosions have to be very strategic or they are not effective.

I want to explode on my days and in my life with precision, to make an IMPACT.

that requires directing my energy and then


That’s how I want to live in 2018. That’s how I want to feel.

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