We went to see a girls basketball game at the high school.

I wanted Veronica to see what a sports game is like. I’d heard that girls and boys do a lot better when they play sports.

But boys play more sports than girls.

So we went to see.

Claremont Lady Woflpack (WHY DO THEY CALL IT LADY WOLFPACK?!?!) is doing well this season. We won 51 to 24

The girls ran and dribbled and shot and passed.

They missed and they fouled and they did some amazing moves

One girl made an amazing save of the ball to get it back from out of bounds, passing it back in to the court.

But then it was caught by someone from the other team.

My jobby job had quite a few similar moments this week. I would make amazing efforts of attention and executiv decisions, to have it all go awry by forces out of my control.


That is exactly what sports are supposed to teach you.

That you can always be better, but there is a lot of things you can’t control.

And that girl SHOULD be proud of that save, even thought it went to the wrong team.

And the other team played hard too, even though they were very outmatched. THey were much shorter, and the wolfpack outscored them embarrassingly.

But they played hard,

And that is worth emulating. And going to remind ourselves to give our best in life.

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