the box for the gift

I’ve learned from improv that every bit of infomation is a gift.

And that the most valuable kind of inforamtion is basic.

Who what when where


the relationship

because who, what when and where I am doesn’t matter unless I know how it matters to you

I am a wife and mother in 2019 in Claremont California


I am a wife and a mother during the rainiest winter of my daughter’s life in Claremont California.


I am a wife and mother in 2019 in the town with the last traditional-style liberal arts college.


I am a wife and mother at the beginning of the twenty first century in America

…I am stretching out each part of the gift and I haven’t even gotten to the part about being a wife and mother

When I am writing, I guess the facts and the relationship are between the words and what they mean to the reader, how the reader starts making relationships between the facts

In improv, the relationship can be between two people.
But the writer is alone, or at least alone until someone comes along to keep the writing company by reading it.

So i guess I’d better be clear in my mind, what relationships i want to present to the reader

once the relationships are established, the rest can ride.

Books i read in 2019

Thank It’s march. Two months into the year

I’ve read

  1. The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents by Terry Pratchett
  2. Looking for Alaska by john Green
  3. Skyward
  4. The age of Miracles
  5. A Hat full of Sky
  6. Crazy Rich Asians
  7. An American Marriage
  8. The Sellout
  9. Germinal
  10. Warbreaker
  11. Where the Crawdads Sing
  12. Less
  13. The Proud Tower
  14. A distant Mirror
  15. Two Years before the mast
  16. The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt
  17. Executive Presence
  18. Armada
  19. The Republic
  20. Common Sense
  21. Snowflower and the Secret Fan
  22. Is everyone Hanging out without me?
  23. What do you care what  other people think Feynman
  24. Big Pototential
  25. Gentleman in Moscow
  26. The immortal life of henrietta Lacks
  27. A mind at home with itself by Byron Katie
  28. THe Voyage of the Beagle
  29. The Rithmatist
  30. the power of habit
  31. the book thief
  32. bossy-pants
  33. the essential Martin Luther king jr nf
  34. war cross
  35. Girl wash your face
  36. any man
  37. Funny in Farsi
  38. The pleasure of finding things out
  39. the witch of blackbird pond rr
  40. eragon Nf
  41. malinche
  42. eleanor oliphant is completely fine
  43. female persuasion
  44. Complete book of the new sun n/f
  45. scrappy little nobody
  46. meatball sundae
  47. Waiting for Godot
  48. shakespeare by bill Bryson
  49. The face of Battle
  50. the cruel prince
  51. Linchpin
  52.  Big  girls don’t cry
  53. your deceptive mind: a scientific guide to critical thinking skills
  54. theft by finding nf
  55. Being mortal
  56. the subtle art of not giving a f*ck
  57. The art of possibility
  58. Pussy: A reclamation
  59. Daughter of fortune
  60.  In the body of the world
  61. The practice of education nf
  62. Clock dance
  63. little princes
  64. present over perfect ABANDONED
  65. You Can read anyone
  66. The Prince
  67. the year of yes
  68. educated
  69. hamilton a revolution
  70. Poetics by Aristotle
  71. alexander Hamilton ron chernow
  72. Animal, Vegetable, MIracle
  73. The art of Being right by Schopenhauer
  74. thinking fast and slow
  75. Silent spring
  76. young men and fire
  77. Titus Andronicus
  79. narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass
  80. Troublemakers
  81. pilgrims progress rr
  82. the taming of the shrew
  83. dorothy day: the world will be saved by beauty
  84. the wicked king
  85. A model of Christian charity by john Winthrop
  86. The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
  87. dorothy Day: radical devotion
  88. The Immortalists
  89. Sinners in the hands of an angry god
  90. apple tree yard
  91. Scarlet letter
  92. Rip van winkle and other stories
  93. unshakeable
  94. the mask collector s
  95. Last words
  96. the deerslayrr
  97. The extraordinary life of Sam Hell
  98. The origins of totalitarianism
  99. My Brilliant Friend
  100. renegades
  101. The light princess
  102. The seagull
  103. city of girls
  104. the master and margarita play
  105. good and mad by tebecca traister
  106. The Underground Railroad
  107. the rabbit girls
  108. the vindication of the rights of women
  109. The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin RR
  110. Girls Burn Brighter
  111. Eugene  onegin
  112. The adventures of augie March
  113. plutarchs lives n/f
  114. the last of the Mohicans
  115. Compassion versus guilt
  116. hunger by Roxane gay
  117. Option B
  118. HIVE NF
  119. the surrender Tree
  120. do more great work
  121. Brazen careerist
  122. 10% happier LEFT
  123. white fragility
  124. dazed and divorced
  125. women who run with the wolves 2x
  126. geek girls rising
  127. verity
  128. Orange is the New Black
  129. the myth of the nice girl
  130. In praise of difficult women
  131. my life on the road
  132. lincoln on the bardo
  133. school for husbands by moliere
  134. the imaginary cuckold by moliere
  135. Furiously happy nf
  136. Living a Feminist Life
  137. Rage becomes her
  138. Fed Up
  139. the water dancer
  140. oedipus Rex
  141. Hidden figures
  142. volsunga saga
  143. Self compassion
  144. management by Peter trucker n/f
  145. springfield confidential
  146. How the west won
  147. The road to serfdom
  148. stay sexy and don’t get murdered
  149. Killing comendatore
  150. the library book
  151. the imperial woman
  152. exit west
  153. No visible bruises
  154. The magnolia story
  155. the year of less
  156. Pachinko nf
  157. Wagner his life and music
  158. feminist fight club
  159. Good Omens nf
  160. on Beauty nf
  161. Be Bad First NF
  162.  THe other American’s NF
  1. 30  books, not all of them finished (3/30)