what I’ve read this year

It’s march. Two months into the year


I’ve read

  1. The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents by Terry Pratchett
  2. Looking for Alaska by john Green
  3. Skyward
  4. The age of Miracles
  5. A Hat full of Sky
  6. Crazy Rich Asians
  7. An American Marriage
  8. The Sellout
  9. Not Finished Germinal
  10. Warbreaker
  11. Where the Crawdads Sing
  12. Less
  13. The Proud Tower
  14. A distant Mirror
  15. Two Years before the mast
  16. The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt
  17. Executive Presence
  18. Armada
  19. The Republic
  20. Common Sense
  21. Snowflower and the Secret Fan
  22. Is everyone Hanging out without me?
  23. What do you care what  other people think Feynman
  24. Big Pototential
  25. Gentleman in Moscow
  26. The immortal life of henrietta Lacks
  27. A mind at home with itself by Byron Katie
  28. THe Voyage of the Beagle (NF
  29. The Rithmatist
  30. the power of habit
  31. the book thief
  32. bossy-pants
  33. the essential Martin Luther king jr nf
  34. war cross
  35. Girl wash your face
  36. any man
  37. Funny in Farsi
  38. The pleasure of finding things out nf
  39. the witch of blackbird pond rr
  40. eragon Nf
  41. malinche
  42. eleanor oliphant is completely fine
  43. female persuasion nf
  44. Complete book of the new sun n/f
  45. scrappy little nobody
  46. meatball sundae
  47. Waiting for Godot
  48. shakespeare by bill Bryson
  49. The face of Battle
  50. the cruel prince
  51. Linchpin nf
  52.  Big  girls don’t cry n/f
  53. your deceptive mind: a scientific guide to critical thinking skills nf
  54. theft by finding nf
  1. 30  books, not all of them finished (3/30)



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