The fruit and the tree

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”

My mandarin orange tree had an amazing harvest this year. This is the first year the tree gave me fruit. nFruit could be considered the tree’s purpose. 

But for the fruit, the tree is its support system. The oranges are each their own individual selves. 

They couldn’t exist without the tree. 

I recently heard a psychiatrist talking about people’s identities. He said that young children may explore identities, but as they get just a bit older the rest of their peers and family push back against their imagination and help them fit into the world. Adjusting their identities and sense of self in the world. 

My mandarin oranges were not very respectful of the tree. What happened is that the oranges were so very lush and heavy that the branches literally broke. I saw this happening, and braced branch before it tore completely off. The fruit  was able to finish ripening, but then I had to cut the whole branch off. 

People’s families are called trees. You can research your family tree. 

As humans we have agency to change our behavior and not damage our society. And as an individual fruit I can pursue my own growth but adapt it if it’s damaging the source I’m springing from. 

Circumstances and resources shape a tree and a person. We grow and stretch. We are also restricted by resistance and inhospitable conditions. 

My human agency allows me to make choices and aim toward the greater fulfilment of my indentity.  

And my experience with my poor mandarin reminds me to pay attention to needs of my society. 

I am part of a system. I did not spring from nothing.