Small and Busy

They have a particular whirring-chirp sound. It’s humming bird season again, although they seem to be in my yard year-round.

These tiny miraculous bird hum and hover over the flowers I’ve planted, mingling with the bees and the other birds. They are seldom at rest and despite their extremely small size, they are ragingly fierce to one another. The male birds dive at each other in warning until one back off and finds another patch of flowers

Hummingbirds have to eat half their body weight everyday so they fly around a lot. They can’t stop

Their wings move so fast—up to 200 beats a second—it seems inconceivable.

Ever hear about how scientists determined that bumblebees can’t actually fly according to the laws of physics? The bee never did.

And nobody told the hummingbird babies to slow it down.

I’ve been feeling sluggish lately, and I’ve been kind slow in getting stuff done. Not ever hard stuff, just having trouble moving faster.

I heard an interview in which a man answered the question of how he succeeded in his career while raising his young children. “I had to do things very fast. See if you can cut it down to one tenth the time you think it will take.”

Reminded me of my hummingbirds. They are not flapping like the magpies. They have to get to those flowers and they have to get to the baby making.

No time to sit around on a tree branch.

Daylight’s burning.

Now these sparkling whizzing miracles have a new message for me. Wake up! I have stuff I need to get done.

I may think it’s too hard and it can’t be done. Those thought cross my mind regularly. Despair is always trying to find a way in.

But those baby hummingbirds get strong, and they learn how to be as fast as they need to be. They have 25 days in the nest to get strong enough to learn to beat their wing like they need to.

They see how it is done and they practice and imitate the big birds until they can do it too.

So I’m seeing the birds set an example for me too. I better figure it out. There’s work to be done and it’s up to me to find a way.