sick of my face

in this world, you can’t be too careful. I had reason to go through my cloud and get rid of sensitive photos. By sensitive, I mean photos of my personal documents and financial information.

I have photos going back to 2012 store in the foggy recesses of the internet. They are safe, right? The thing is, nothing is safe.

So I went through almost 20 thousand photos to get rid of those ones I needed to protect. But most of the photos were of my face.

I am very un interested in my face now.

I was thinking of all the other people I wanted to see. I lieu of the visits I couldn’t make, I took the time to do my christmas letter.

But th christmas letter required a photo of the us. I was sick of all the years of my own face. but I realized I had very few photof of my husband

he doesn’t like picutes to be taken. But it’s not just about his pleasure. I’d like to have a record of him. of us in our lives.

So I grabbed him after he took a shower and took him outside where the light was a little better. He does not do good selfie face. I had to distract him so he didn’t make his face wonky.

I kissed him. My face was not glamorous or makeup on or anything. But my man looked handsome and pleased to be kissing me. So we have a Christmas picture. it coming to a mailbox near you soon.