I hate waiting. Don’t like it if I have to wait for someone else. Don’t like it if I have to wait for something. It’s tough if I have to wait for the right time. 
I like to go. Let’s do this! 

Still there are times when I must wait. I have to wait. 

The decision has been made and the decision action hangs in the eternal present. It is unfurling, but it hasn’t happened. 

The action might require another person or group of people to agree. So I must maintain my intentions and be persuasive. 

This looks like making a statement to an audience and staying silent. 

Wait for it.  



Let that person hear it, understand it and acknowledge what I said. 

That’s so uncomfortable. 

I have leapt into that breach, thrown myself into it with desperate offers or suggestions. I’ll handle it, I take care of it, just don’t make me have to sit in the agony of uncertainty. 

Even if it’s the opposite of what I want, It is better to have a direction and keep going. FINE! I’ll do everything, just let’s get started. I’m dying 

But the growth is in the pain. What I learn and who I become during the waiting is of greater value than what I thought I was trying to achieve. 

The synthesis formed in the two people working together and growing towards one another is the product of that growth. This is the transformation. 

But only if I stay true to myself. If I can get clear on what I what, what I need to ask for. 

Say it. Ask it. 

And let it shimmer like a ripe fruit on a tree. Let the other person pluck it.  

We can learn together when I have the courage to leave space.  

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