niether remain the same

One of my favorite differences between human being and trees is how I, as a human, can move around.

Trees are rooted. Definitively. Trees stay in the same spot. The choices for trees are narrow. Up  and out are how trees move. And by ‘move’ I mean grow. They grow slowly and so they move slowly I have a lot more options.  Since I don’t have roots, I can go backwards and forwards and even jump levels. Up down and all around.

What mostly happens though, is I keep going forward in the direction decided long ago.

Those choices I talked about last week? For my tree, they are permanent. The other trunks are cut off and will be no more. The tree is set in its course.

For me though, I could use the leg up that the choice gave me and get very good at the one direction I’ve chosen.

I could grow and expand in ways I hadn’t dreamed up, getting strength and capabilities that were far out of reach before. I could get so good at all of it that it even gets boring.

Then, as I human I might make an exploration into that choice I’d abandoned.

Is there something there for me now? Now that I’ve become so strong and capable? What could happen if I came at this again?

Since I’m not a tree, it’s not a dead branch. It could be  a possibility now.

I’ve got different skills. I’m not the same as I was when I had to abandon it before.

This could be the right time for what was wrong before.

I can explore my world in human ways and see what I can make of it. What moves can I make now with what I’ve got? Neither I nor the world have remained the same.

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