Happy Halloween


That’s my halloween decoration. The only one I have.

The real focus of the holiday is this little flower child:


Of course, the dog loves her too.


The flower is too small to eat candy, and also too small to be awake during the trick or treating hours.

The dog, however, is extra vigilant because the flower is small and helpless. When the doorbell rings, she will bark as loud as and long as she can. Therefore, the dog is in exile at the grandmother’s house. Flowers need their beauty sleep.

Don’t Cry!

Went to the grocery store yesterday, and of course I brought my daughter with me. She’s been frustrated a lot this week, and cried a lot for indeterminate reasons.

I thought a trip to the store would give her other things to think about. It worked for a while, but then she started fussing. I had to hold her, and try to push the cart. But that wasn’t working so well, because the cart was too heavy.

I fell back on an old trick. When she started to cry, which usually included some sort of yell, I’d yell with her and try to match her tone. Whatever key she was crying in, I would chime in. I’d done it before and it seemed to interest her. She would stop crying, and just concentrate on yelling with me. It was  kind of fun.

So instead of her crying in the store, we rolled around yelling in unison. I am not sure what the other customers thought, but it amused me.

Here is a demonstration of what I’m talking about:

more fair photos

A day at the fair!

She was very excited to pet the sheep:


okay, technically that is a goat. Here she is reaching for a sheep:


She could have stayed there much longer, but she is getting too heavy to hold that way.

The sheep were gentle.
Or maybe I should say, they were disinterested in us.

I hope I can take her to another petting zoo soon.

By the end of the day, tho’, she was tired:

Me too.


We went to the fair today. I love the fair.

I was so looking forward to it, and I really wanted Veronica to meet the animals. But I was nervous; she’s never done anything this adventurous. She’s only 8 months old, and want to make sure I don’t ask more of her than she can do.

There was a missed nap we’d have to negotiate, not to mention the huge amount of overstimulation that is the essence of the fair.

Long story short, we went for 3 hours. She was great!

She pet a lot of critters, including an alligator:

I got to visit the pigs:

We also visited a dinosaur exhibit. It was pretty realistic for a county fair. Some kids were brought in and started screaming.

Veronica was cool with it:

In fact, she was pretty cool with almost everything. She had big huge eyes and wanted to see everything. She did want to be held pretty often, but she was cheerful.

She slept in the car on the way home, but when we got home, she had a lot of thoughts to think.

For her, the thinking had to do with jumping up and down and playing with a lot of toys.  I could just see those new ideas marching across her little baby brain.

“There is such a thing as a goat. I must jump! There is such a thing as a sheep. I must kick!”

The world had gotten bigger for her. When she was seeing all the new stuff, she took it calmly with big eyes. But coming home, she cut loose and got all excited.

There will be more adventures.