Happy Family

It’s so much fun to watch Veronica be part of our happy family.

The animals keep on being very good to our newest member.


She has a wide independent streak, and it pleased to have her own sippy. It’s got water in it, and she can get a drink all on her own.


life lessons

So Cassie had to come over again for some puppy sitting. This time, Lucy is taking her in hand. Lucy doesn’t enjoy being bitten by the sharp little needly puppy teeth. She’s also figured out she is BIGGER than little Casssady, so she’s insisting that she gets to be in charge.

Cassie’s just a puppy, though, so she takes reminding, as we see here in their barking contest:


Lucy’s first haircut

I’ve been meaning to buy a set of clippers for Lucy. She needs a buzz cut…but i hadn’t got aroudn to it.

Thing was, you couldn’t even see her face:


I thought, “well, I can just take some scissors and clip her face a little.”

but once I got started, it was hard to stop::

She really enjoyed the hair cut. I sat on the floor, and gave her a toy to chew. From her perspective, it was extended cuddle time.

She looks smaller. More like a puppy again.

See how big she’s getting?
that’s 7 squares on the floor she is covering now.

when she was little, she only took up 3:

And now she’s had her first hair cut. I did a horrible job, but Lucy has a very positive self-image.

She’s not a piglet anymore

When Lucy first arrived at our house, she was a small fat little piglet, with a black face and a bitey mouth:


It’s been more than a month now. She quickly learned not to mess in the house and is getting very good at walking on a leash.

She has a dog waist now, and her legs are quite long.


She’s fabulous.


My puppy was attacked by the neighbor dog yesterday.

Yes, I am NOT burying the lead on that one.

She is fine. I am still in shock though.

How scary scary. Nice dog comes up to us while I’m taking Lucy out for a walk. Then dog is attacking my perfect little puppy and she is shrieking. The neighbor wrestled with the dog to pull him off. He couldn’t.

I was standing there, watching him try to restrain his dog. But when he couldn’t, I jumped in and pulled her away. I held her while she was yelping uncontrollably, and kicked the dog away.

She kept shrieking–like nothing I’ve ever heard before–for a while. I had to hold her until she stopped, then I could feel her to make sure she wasn’t hurt.

No broken bones. No blood. She seems fine.

But I took a while to sleep last night, because I kept remembering her screams.

And I think “I should have jumped in sooner. I should have noticed the dog without a leash coming towards her. I should have protected her.”

Maybe I should have chewed out the nieghbor more, for letting his vicious dog out.

Maybe if I don’t he will really hurt her next time.

I shouldn’t let there be a next time!

I am going to have to learn to have quicker reflexes, I guess.


I can’t let anything happen to her!

The neighbor left a card in my mailbox, apologizing for the fight. I feel good about this. I think it indicates sincerity. If they know they messed up by not keeping their dog under control, they will probably work harder to keep him locked up.

Potty dance


It’s happened. Missy Puppy has found me. As soon as I came through the door and leaned over to look at the collection of female puppies, she put her paw out to me.

As consideration, it turned out that she was the prettiest, softest one. And she had the biggest paws.

Lucy really wanted to be with me.

She has come home and the cat is mostly avoiding her. Which is good.

She likes her cage, she loves the backyard. She likes to chew things, and she likes her toys. Frog and Ball are very popular.

She is learning what we expect from her, and we are learning the subtleties of the puppy potty dance.