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“Your…post this week really resonated with me” MM Adelaide Australia

“Great post! More honesty about work like this is a tonic.”

“I liked this. Especially your closing line: Love is worth it.”

“Great lesson”

“I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciated this post. ”

“this one was great!”

“I love how you rendered this”

“enjoyed this piece; thank you. ”

“I enjoy reading the Weekly Wonder. Keep writing !”

“Thanks for sharing these words and thoughts, Murphy.”

“Very thought provoking Weekly Wonder. ”

“Hey Murphy, this post struck a chord :-)”

“Good piece; thank you Murphy.”


“Lovely post.”

“Great observations!

“Thank you for returning the Weekly Wonder to my inbox. Loved this week’s about time. After reading it I took a deep breath and relaxed my shoulders and felt much better! Merci beaucoup!!”

“Good one!”

“enjoyed this very much”

“Thank you for The Weekly Wonder.  I enjoy your musings.”

“I like the block analogy. You’re a great planner!”

“Loved today’s post.  ”

“I like that story. So relatable. Thank you!”

“Nice blog today and a great reminder to be human to each other. ”

“Kudos to you for your persistence and intentionality!”

“Good message. Stay in there”

“Thanks for a good message this morning. ”

“I love reading your weekly wonder blog.  One of the only emails I get that I actually like to read.”

“Thanks for a good message this morning.”

“I liked this note. ” T.M. Rosemead, CA CA

“exceptionally good…” L.S. Peoria Illinois

“Hi Murphy, I continue to read your blogs – thank you for your intentionality and perseverance.”

“Very thought provoking. Well done Murphy. ”

“Thank you for a beautiful reflection, Murphy.”

“I think you just articulated both the level of depression we’re all facing with the pandemic, and the hope for something better, as society puts itself back together.”

“A clever way to think”

“This was really good Murphy! ”

“Good one!”

“excellent! as always”

“I think you just articulated both the level of depression we’re all facing with the pandemic, and the hope for something better, as society puts itself back together.”


“Such a cool story, really. I still laugh ”

“Fun story!  Thanks!”

“Love, love, love this. Thanks for sharing your wonderings.”

“I wanted to say that I love this story ”

“Such amazing thoughts !”

“What an absolutely fun story! So timely! I love it because it is all you!”

“Murph, well done! ”

“wow! The there’s nothing like perspective is there”

“Thanks for your weekly musings – I really enjoy reading your thoughts :)”

“I liked your weekly wonder message”

“Good message”

“Really liked your thoughts here”

“Bravo, Murphy!”

“This was a good one, Murphy!”

” I really liked your Weekly Wonder this week.”

“Thank you for the inspiration.”

“I like how you made it a jumping off point for your essay. But it did make me laugh.”

“You are SO right! …You said it so well.”

“Nice post!”

“really liked this piece”

“Good exploration”

“”Interesting Murphy!”

“This one was really funny.”

“Enjoyed this piece and sent it along to friends”

“Loved this one!”

“Good one, Murphy.”

“Good installament. And we all use our voices to get what we want and how we want it.”

“Thanks for continuing to write and share your thoughts.”

“cute we all forget things,and life gets messy..”

“oh, Murphy!  It’s so cool to see this in my  inbox.”


“great installment”

“excellent share!”

“it’s pretty amazing. ”

“Thanks for this insightful summary!”

“this was really well written.”

“great story!! love how it all worked out at the end”

“Lovely article!”

“I love this realization that you come to”

“Enjoyed this one recently”

“I really liked this insight…Gave me some food for thought!”

C.G. Iowa


“I wanted to let you know that this is beautiful!”


“Hi Murphy,This is beautiful.”
M.P. Berkeley California

“nice story.”

“I really like this one.”


“Like this …??????”

“Thank you for the great history lesson’

“Another great post!”

“Good story!” M.G. Bejing China

“Another ‘winner’ column. ”

“Again… wonderful!” A L Upland, CA

“”History is awesome.” T.M. CA

“Best. Line. Ever.”

“Love today’s post! ” C.K. Claremont, CA

“Very nice, Murphy!”

“Gratitude. Well done!”

“great installment ”

“Like this ”

‘”So engaging and lovely! ”

“good installation. what if you could see the magic in the mundane??”

“Very astute treatment of a difficult subject…You seem to be offering your readership a lovely comfort against harsh times,.. Thank you for tackling this.”

“I love your weekly blog… thanks for another good one!” J.C.- South Pasadena, California

“What a great blog today and sooooo on the nose to what’s going on in my life right now. How’d you do that? ”

“That’s cute!”

“much more creative installment, I must say I like it”

“Great content- yes , you are swimming against the tide”

“WOW!” C.K. Claremont, CA

“I really appreciate your sharing you thoughts and experiences with us.  So many things you say resonate with me. It makes me feel that I am a member of the human community! ” E.J. New Jersey

“I was moved by your beautiful voice and amazing energy ! So Thank you from the bottom of my heart Murphy Daley… you rock! keep rockin! ?

“That is so beautiful and haunting, really. As we change the most critical things.. do not. You inspire me!”

“Keep it up! Blessings” B.A. Monrovia, CA

“Wow! …good writer! So amazing!” TG Sacramento, CA

“Bravo and well said!”

“Your wisdom often has a humorous twist!” New Jersey

“This one is really good, Murphy.” E.J. New Jersey

“Great blog this week!” -T. D. Upland, CA

Great candid and autobiographical story..

“great installation…yes to Faith! a little patience and nurturance.” G.B. Orange County

“Terrific, Murphy!” E.J. New Jersey

“You never cease to amaze me with your kindness and insight into emotional traps.”

” <3 <3 <3″

“How intriguing. I haven’t taken the time to read these for a while. I’m glad I caught these.”

“I’m glad you wrote this”

“Interesting angle”

“So poignant and captivating”

“This is wonderful!  In effect, a beautiful 3 minute sermon.

You have a gift; but then you already know that.” C.K. Claremont CA

“I really liked this one.  It’s a shame that today most people only want to read 140 characters or less.  If more people had larger attention spans, you’d probably have a bigger audience.” B.D. Florida

“Excellent installment!!” G.B. Orange County, CA

“Beautiful!” J.C. South Pasadena CA

“I enjoyed reading this!” S.H. Chino CA

“Bless your heart for all you do!” M.G. Beijing China

“It’s good to be a tough/toughened-up woman!” B.A. Monrovia, CA

“I admire your writing skills to uncover your mother heart!”

“Very insightful & informative! Delightful as always!”

“Great post today.” C.K California

“This makes wonderful sense! You are on a real journey of discovery!” T.G. California

“Nice post today.” Chuck California

“A point well illustrated.” E.J. New Jersey

“Yes!  I love your musings this week…  Feels good.  🙂  Thank you.” J.C. California

“The way you juxtapose things makes me smile and laugh, Murphy.” E.J. New Jersey

“States your view beautifully!”

“I absolutely love this!” E. Julian, New Jersey

“great story” G. Beutler, Orange County, CA

“Sweet!” C. Luetjen Los Angeles CA

“Nicely written piece.” T. Green Sacramento, CA

“Powerful piece”

“Wow, that was an amazing, moving, inspiring, courageous blog post you wrote. Thank you for refusing to stay silent. May you be blessed! ?”

“You are indeed helping all of us”

“Murphy, This was very well written.  I’m proud of you.”

“Great – strong edition”

“I am glad you’re able and willing to write such words, and to be able to tell your story…Very proud of you!”

“Every woman should read Murphy’s blog. I am so proud of her!”

“Sobering thoughts from my friend Murphy Daley…”

Murphy Daley, The Weekly Wonder brought me to tears. Beautifully written, my friend” M. Rand Lake Stevens Washington

“Superb! Right on! ”

“I like this one.”

“Thanks for writing it.”

“Inspirational. Thank you!”

“I love this”

“You put in words what so many of us feel!”

“You cloak wisdom in a recognizable coat!”

“great installation!”

“I love this! Thank you for sharing your talents.”

“You always make me laugh!”

“sounds so familiar.  I am still laughing”

“thanks for sharing this piece of you”

“good one”

“Oh man, did not know this piece of history, but it definitely has echoes today. ”

“Good installment!’

“Beautiful. You put a smile on my face! ”

“I like your writing”

“Happy 5 1/2 year Anniversary!  I enjoy the blog.”

“Great installment”

“I wish I could express in words what your writing style is because I enjoooooy it!   Light and lovely, maybe? ”

“Thanks for writing and sharing!”

“Thank you for sharing your many experiences with all of us, Murphy. You are an inspiring person.”

“M, I love this about your daughter and reading.  Good for her and you.”


“Great story ”

“This one was hilarious…You have to keep writing for the people who get it.”

“Ah, Murphy. Good timing in my inbox.”

“:) Beautiful. So glad you write these.”

“Good advice 😉 ”

“True for all of us!”


“Very insightful, yet tied to real life.”

“OOOOOHHHHH, this one is PERFECT for me right now.”

“I hear ya!”


“Very good point!”

“Really wonderful post!!! Loved it”

“Murphy, what a fantastic blog!”

“Another splendid read Murphy. And, no surprise but no less sweet, something I needed to hear. <3”

“This is profound.”

“Freakin great title”

“What a wonder-full post. Thanks for sharing.”

“Well written… You are so right! And you say it so well!”

“Really good stuff.”

“Hey. I liked your blog post for today.”

“Totally loved this one”

“I do enjoy the emails every week”

“I really liked this one. ”

“Love this”

“Murphy! You’re such a good writer! I really enjoy your craft and word weaving 🙂 ”

“nice installment murphy..kudos to getting it out every week.”

“Beautiful. Simply beautiful!”

“The fantastic mixed in with the ordinary–
What a marvelous mind”

“Stands and applauds. ”

“Awesome, as usual”

“Read it – loved it!”

“Another great installment”

“Hey. I’ve been enjoying your recent “Wonder” posts.”

“I love this.”

“These have grown on me so much, I always read them.”

“A good installment”

“Give you a standing ovation!!! Bravo! Bravo! Please take a bow!”

“I love how you write about life’s challenges.”

“Wow! You really captured some precious memories in those lines! Thanks for engaging to write you[r] weekly blog”

“you hit it on the nose this time”
“Beautiful. You totally inspired me”

“This is alternately hilarious and poignant”

“A good installment”

“Very encouraging”

“Murphy Daley, you knocked this one out of the park.”

“Beautifully written, Murphy! And, oh so true. ”

“It’s always refreshing to read a The Weekly Wonder”

“Interesting thoughts!”

“Great job, Murphy. I needed to read this today.”

“Thank you. You hit home with the self retrospect comments.”

“Thanks for writing”

“I like this!!”

“Nice piece, Murphy.”

“That is some amazing, inspiring writing. You may be standing on the shoulders of giants, but thanks for collecting it here. ”

“This is an awesome story!”

“You always draw the best out of what you ponder”

“I truly enjoyed your post. It made me feel better…”

“I just wanted to check in and let you know that I loved the wonder this week. I look forward to reading it on my walk back from my afternoon class on Wednesday”

“I was rapt at your enchanting description”


“Great read..”

“Great post today, Murphy!”

“I just finished reading what you sent. I really liked the ending”

makes me want to share my own experiences

Beautiful!  😉

True dat!

“Neat. Thanks for the head candy.”

short and sweet, the way I like it.


Funny 🙂 

I have been enjoying these lately.

Keep up the nice writing.

Beautiful. Well done

Loved this!  Thank you.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts & insights


“such an insightful piece.

poignant without being sappy

great self-awareness.
I love it “

“you’re obviously doing a great job

Such rich memories! So well written!

what timing to read this 🙂

Beautiful story!  I want to hear more


You have real talent and provoke thought from your reader. I love to read your writing. Your perspective is unique

“Oh my goodness, I SO love your last lines: Yes!!!! 

I enjoy reading your writing every week”

“You share so many great insights

Beautiful! Love it!

Love it!

What a gift for us to enjoy !

Your word skills are so satisfying to read.

I love the way you described 

I love it, Murphy! Great attitude and an inspiring piece

another great segment..

“Excellent Writing!! And thoughts!!”

nice work murphy”


Loved it!  So great!

This was beautiful!  Thank you.

“can’t wait for the next installment”

Great story… Very well said! 🙂

” You have a knack of putting universal sentiments into pithy little packages that make you notice and recognize a situation”

“I really appreciate your Weekly emails – I love reading about your insight. ”

“I don’t think I’ve ever told you how much I enjoy reading your stories.  Well I do, and have for years, and I wanted to say that the most recent several at least have been absolutely superb.  So many of your posts speak to me or address questions and thoughts that are in the back of my mind that I rarely address myself.”

“This one made me laugh….”

“Oh, so good!”

“I really look forward to your blogs. I get so inspired by how much you share and how varied your subjects are. You’ve got a range and a freedom that sparks me! ”

“You are putting some of my own wonderings into words. ”

“You said it well.”

“THAT was very insightful!”

“This is so beautiful”

“Bitchin’ article ! U r so funky freshly HUMAN. I dig your vibe! Carry on with you wonderful self. ”

“Very cool read indeed. Thanks you soooo much. So glad to be included in The Weekly Wonder. I will spread this to my friends!”

“Again… LOVE your writing! Thanks for sharing!”

“You are a very good writer”

“Your last blog was wonderful. I feel privileged to be reading your story”

“Loved it, Murphy. Beautiful!”

“I love the way you put things…”

“Thank you for sharing your writing Murphy!”


“This work you’re doing here is for the good. Please keep doing it.”

“Way to write about all … and in such a way that who couldn’t nod their head.”

“your blog is the only one I find worth reading!”

“So inspirational! ”

“Do you have any idea the sheer joy you have brought me with your writing? ”

“Wonder Weekly = SHAZAM. …good stuff. ”

“Loved it! Great article”

“I LOVE this piece”

“Fun, interesting musing.”

“I enjoy reading The Wonder Weekly. Thank you for sharing!”

“you know I enjoy receiving your weekly thoughts!”

“I was touched by your weekly note”

“Really thoughtful . . . : 0 ”


“I know you weren’t looking for a compliment, but I am really interested and enjoy reading your Weekly Wonder. I love it when you talk about your family and life.”

“I do love reading this; you are a very good writer and you do make me …wonder! Thanks!”

“Lovely articles! Thank you!”

“I loved this week’s stories. You rock!!”

“Very very cool story.”

“Every week I read your e-mail but I rarely comment — just wanted to let you know that you are wonderful and bring a bright spot to my day each week.”

“I do think of your newsletter/blog as art!”

“That was most definitely sans warts….thoroughly enjoyed your most recent article.”

“I appreciate your dedication to your writing craft. And your dedication to always strive for better and think about things more. ”

“I really enjoyed reading this!”

“Much truth in this.
Some day you’re going to write something that changes the entire world. I hope I’m here to see it.”

“Your Wonder Weekly was haunting and beautiful and just plain whoah. ♥”